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End of half term

23 October 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers

The end of half term has finally arrived!  We are so impressed with how motivated the children have been, despite it being a long term.  Thank you to all of the staff who have adjusted to the new changes of routine and rules in the school – we couldn’t do it without the amazing team!

The Harvest Festival this afternoon was a moment to celebrate how even in challenging times, there are still spaces where we can experience joy!  The children were incredibly animated and excited to share their songs alongside the work around harvest.  Thank you to so many parents and family members for ‘zooming’ in to take part.

Thank you also for the donation of food items.  Becky Kitter from Proteus Theatre was responsible for the creating the combine harvester out of the items.  Please see the attached pictures and video. 

This will now be dismantled and donated to the Food Bank.

Finally, we hope you have a lovely week off and take time to rest.  Please do see if you have any library books to return as we have approximately 430 books still missing.

If you have any concerns about COVID over the holidays, please email admin@fairfields.hants.sch.uk

Best wishes


Miss Kelly Dillon