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The weather!

21 October 2020 (by admin)

Good morning parents,


The rain made it an interesting start for us!

To confirm the arrangements for the future inclement weather. 

  1. We will still meet parents and children at the allocated area at the playground. Please arrive within 3 minutes of your time as the children will not be made to wait.  You will need to wait until the end if you arrive 3 minutes after you time. 
  2. Adults should stay with their child until the teacher arrives. Please do not leave them on the playground unless they are in Years 5 and 6 and are responsible for their own safety.
  3. Please do not stand under the main canopy as this will mean that the bubbles will be mixing. There is not enough room for 120 families. 
  4. Please do not arrive early for your time slot.
  5. Please do ensure that you and your child are dressed for the weather. We are happy for children to come to school in boots or wellington boots and to change into school shoes in their classrooms.  Umbrellas are also recommended, although we have not got the space in school to dry them for your child. 
  6. If you can wait in your car before your next child, please do so as we have limited waiting space under the other gazebos around the edge of the school.

This is challenging for all of us and we hope that you understand that many schools are in the same position.