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Weekly update including change of times

25 September 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

It has been a busy week at school and we have the changeable weather to also contend with.  Thank you for your continued support with the staggered start and finish times.  We are happy to say that we now feel that these can be adapted which means that parents with multiple children do not have to wait so long between drop offs and pick-ups.

We have decided to trial the following times for next week.  We will review this at the end of the week or earlier if it becomes a disaster. 

The new times are:

Year 1 and 2- drop off at 8:40am and pick up 3pm

Year 3 & 4 – drop off at 8:45 and pick up at 3:05pm

Year 5 and 6- drop off at 8:50am and pick up at 3:10pm

Foundation Stage – drop off at 8:55am and pick up at 3:15pm.

Please do make a note of the change of times and aim to arrive at the time and not after.  Please also send these times around any friends or members of the community just in case they do not see this!  We have also purchased three outdoor clocks which will be installed to help with timekeeping. 

To be successful it is going to be really important that the following is in place:

  • Please leave the playground as soon as your child is checked.
  • Please do not stand and wait at the entrance to the gates, blocking the paths in groups or with a dog.
  • Please do not let your child ride their bike or scooter on the playground – keep them with you at all times.
  • Please stay 2m from other people and if you are worried please use a face covering to protect yourself.
  • Please be considerate with your parking - We unfortunately received notification that the agreement the school had in the past with the public car park, does not stand anymore. We have written to the council to persuade them to change their mind.  They have suggested that parents use the car park behind McDonalds. 

Let’s see how we get on next week and keep our hopes up for sunshine!

Please look out for the letter from the NHS which give parents advice if their child displays cold symptoms.  This will be emailed to you.  We have had one negative test this week and no positive tests.  Please do let us know if you are applying for a test as we can track this as well.

In other non-COVID related news, we are due to complete our school Census on Thursday next week.  We receive additional funding, for any child who is entitled to a free school meal, as a result of this.  Please let us know if your circumstances have changed during lockdown as we can check to see if your family are now entitled to this.  If your child is entitled to free school meals, could they possibly order a meal on Thursday to help with the school Census numbers.  The menu will be changed for this day and so please look out for the new choices.

Finally, I would like to celebrate a group of wonderful children who have already impressed their teachers in the first few weeks.  The following children have been elected as Super Citizens for demonstrating our Core Value of Celebration.

Well done to:

Lola in Year 1

Bruce in Year 1

Ale in Year 2

Siddharth in Year 2

Alexander in Year 3

Satakshi in Year 3

Maxim in Year 4

Emily in Year 4

Ziyah in Year 5

Ava in Year 5

Ashton in Year 6

Vanessa in Year 6


Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Kelly Dillon