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Change in drop off and collection procedure

8 September 2020 (by admin)

Good morning everyone!

We have had a few concerns raised from parents who felt uncomfortable on the playground at pick up and drop off times. 

Please can we insist that only 1 parent or carer drops off and picks up – we will only allow one person to collect per family. 

Please only enter the playground at the allocated time – we will not allow you in school until it is time to drop off or collect your child. 

If you have more than one child, you may wait on the playground, but please keep 2m apart and stay aware from the coned area.

Please avoid gathering or waiting at the gates.  We unfortunately cannot speak to you on the gates as we need to ensure that the playground is safe. 

Please leave as soon as your child is temperature checked and do not stand and socailise in the playground.

We will continue to adapt the routine to try to speed things up as much as possible!

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Kelly Dillon