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Update on the Week!

10 July 2020 (by admin)

Dear Parents,

It has been a busy week in school this week.  We are really excited to have met with the parents of our September Foundation Stage Pupils and we hope that you will also join us in welcoming them to the school!  Due to the restrictions we are going to be holding home visits and stay and play sessions in September instead of during Transition Week next week. 

We also need to make you aware that Year 6 will be teaching their children the key areas of the sex and relationship curriculum in the afternoons next week.  We will be asking them to be discrete and to not discuss this topic more widely with members of the school.  Please d contact us if you hear reports that this is not the case. 

The photographic sessions yesterday went really well and the photographer has already started to put together the year group samples and they look amazing!  Thank you to everyone who supported the day both in school and those who came from home.

The transition packs were sent home today with children in school and parents also came and collected them during the dedicated time slots.  Throughout the day, we have received a number of calls and emails from parents about their child's teacher and class for September.  Please can we ask that you allow your child to get to know the teachers next week during their Zoom lessons before you make assumptions?  Both teachers will take turns to teach the year group throughout the week.

Transition meetings have been taking place for the last three weeks between the teachers so that they understand the needs of the children in their class. 

We cannot accommodate changes of class based on friendship as our primary function is to provide education for pupils. If we move one child, we then have to look at the balance of needs and gender within the class and move other children.  This task can be easily underestimated by parents.

To reassure you for September, we are planning to have whole year group bubbles so that pupils can still mix during break times.  Please do not ask us to move children unless your child has a specific learning need that we are unaware of.  

As always, we ask for you to talk to your child and help them to be resilient when moving classes and to come and speak to us about problems that exist as opposed to perceived.  The majority of pupils have been at home since March and so we must accept that dynamics between pupils may have changed.

Please contact us in September once the children have been in school for at least a week.

If you have not collected your transition pack from school, please do come in on Monday 8:40 – 10am and 3 – 4pm as these will be available in the top playground. If you would like someone to collect it on your behalf, please email or call to let us know.

Finally, thank you for the donations of school uniform.  These have been sorted and will be put out on the playground on Monday 13th July during the times above and also during the INSET day on the 23rd July. 

Please have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Zoom or in School on Monday.

Best wishes

Miss Dillon