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Staffing update

19 June 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

This week has been interesting with the challenges caused by the unpredictable weather.  Well done to all of the children who have remained calm and responsible moving in and around the building.  We now have 140 pupils in school and it beginning to feel settled as a new version of normal.

We continue to be impressed with how the children are working both at home and in school and thank you to parents who are supporting their children at home.

We are beginning to plan more details with transition and are in the early stages of creating transition packs for pupils to tell them who their teacher will be next year.  The packs will be available to collect from school on the 13th July.  The children attending school will bring them home.  If you would like someone else to collect the pack on your behalf, please let the office know and they will make a note on the register. 

The teachers next year are as follows:

Foundation Stage: Mrs Moseley and Mrs Bogalski (Mrs Coolbear will cover two afternoons for release time)

Year 1: Miss Rees(2 days)/ Miss Harper (3 days) and Mrs Cox

Year 2: Miss Moore and Miss Bradley

Year 3: Mrs Dawson and Miss Ross

Year 4: Miss Young (4 days)/Mrs Powers (1 day) and Miss Christy

Year 5: Miss Warwick and Miss McGuire-Williams

Year 6: Miss Cox and Miss Cservenka (4 days)/ Mrs Powers (1 day)

A group of year 6 pupils have rallied together behind Carys McDonald to negotiate a ‘Dress Down Friday’ with me.  This is optional and children may wear their own choice of clothing each Friday until the end of term.  Please ensure that clothing is respectful and does not expose too much of a child’s body (for example, no bellybuttons on show please).

We are also looking forward to the announcement over the next few days on the ‘Catch-Up Grant’.  We will discuss this at the Governor meeting on Wednesday next week and inform parents as soon as we have a proposal. 

Enjoy, a warmer weekend and we look forward to seeing you again next week.

Best wishes


Miss Kelly Dillon