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Voice in a Million Update

15 June 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents of pupils due to attend the Voice in a Million Concert in March,

I apologise for not communicating with you earlier to update you on the concert.

The organisers have confirmed that they will not be offering refunds to parents for tickets sold or for places for the event.

They will reschedule the event for when things return to normal.  If your child has moved schools (e.g. year 6 pupils) they are still welcome to attend the concert.  If they cannot, I will attempt to resale their space to any other children in the school who would like to attend in their place as many children have shown an interest since.  You will then be given this as a refund for your child's place. 

They should release the date in the next few weeks and I will keep you updated.

Thank you for your continued patience!

Miss Kelly Dillon