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  • Mathletics
    Congratulations to 5W for winning the spring term Mathletics competition!
  • Maths meeting
    There is a Key Stage 2 maths meeting to be held on 12th March at 5pm at Fairfields. At this meeting, we will show you the calculation methods we use at school.
  • Alien Attack at Fairfields!
  • School closure 1st February
    Visit the year 5 pages if you would like to see activities for year 5 pupils to do.
  • Work to do at home
    Due to closing the school early today, we are putting some activities on the website for pupils to attempt at home.
  • Tutankhamun
    Year 5 arrived at school on Tuesday to discover that 5W's classroom had changed dramatically! A reproduction of Tutankhamun's tomb was waiting to be discovered...
  • Talent Show
    Auditions for the talent show will take place at 2 p.m. on Monday!
  • Visit to Marwell Zoo
    Year 5 had a very enjoyable visit to Marwell Zoo.
  • Skyping Kendra in the Outback
    Year 5 recently had the opportunity to Skype one of Miss Warwick's relatives who lives in the outback.
  • Balloons!
    Designing and making hot air balloons.
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