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Teachers for Next Year

12 June 2019 (by admin)

We are now in a position to announce the teachers for next year.  Miss Lamerton and Miss Barrett will be leaving at the end of this year as they have completed their induction year at the school.  

We do have three new teachers joining us and they will be in school during transition week so that both the children in their class and parents can meet them.

We will not be announcing your child's class teachers until Thursday 11th July (before the Open Evening).  The current teachers have looked at the children in the class and considered friendships and clashes carefully.  They have also taken into account other factors such as additional needs, behaviour and girl/boy ratios.  We do look at the circumstances and teaching styles which are best suited to your child and ask that you trust our judgments.  Again, please can you allow for your child to experience the teacher and class for a few days before requesting that your child be moved for real reasons.