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School closure 1st February

1 February 2019 (by Claire Warwick (clairewarwick))

Visit the year 5 pages if you would like to see activities for year 5 pupils to do.

Wow!  How beautiful it looks outside!  I wonder what it would be like to live in a house of snow and ice.  Did you know that there is an ice hotel in Sweden?  You could look at some pictures of it on the internet.  Maybe you could design your own building made of ice and snow.  You could actually make it miniature size for one of your toys to live in.  Take photos or videos to show us if you do so or maybe you would like to draw a design.

If you would prefer to work on maths, don't forget there are two subscriptions currently running.  You can visit TTRockstars and get some times tables practice or you could visit Mathletics where I have allocated a series of tasks for you to do.  Don't forget to click on the 'i' icon on Mathletics if you get stuck and it will show you, step by step, how to do the task. 

As you know, we are currently working on spelling rules.  Let's have a little challenge leading to a small prize!  If you have been working with Miss Rees on  able/ible/ably/ibly, draw a spelling, snow creature which has a word ending with one of these suffixes on  each foot.  There will be a prize for the creature with the most correctly spelt feet!  If you have been working on 'ion' suffixes with Miss Warwick, you can do the same task but with these suffixes instead.  Bring any entries to me on Monday morning and the one with the most correctly spelt words will win the prize.  I expect these creatures will need a lot of legs!