Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.  Please check here for latest updates.  This is the final year for our Year 6 children and we hope that we can build many memories before they go on to Secondary School.  

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Summer Term Events

We have lots of events and trips coming up this term. Dates for your diary include:

  • Think Safe trip on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th June. £4 donation for the coach is needed.  
  • Winchester Graduation on Friday 21st June. A coach for parents will leave Fairfields at 12.15pm so you can watch the official graduation ceremony. All car parking spaces must be booked in advance and is first come, first served - see scopay message which contains the booking link. 
  • Bikeability will run Monday 1st July -Thursday 4th July. Bikes and helmets can be lent to pupils. For further information and the consent form click here.  

If any parents are DBS checked and wish to help on any of these trips then please let Miss Cox know. 


  • Sex and relationship education will be from Monday 17th June - Friday 21st June. Parents are welcome to view the video content and planning before then on Thursday 13th June at 8.10am. 

Latest News

Year 6

  • Don't forget to bring your forms and money back by Friday 28th June.
  • Organizing committee for the party needed
  • All key stage one and two pupils have been set the challenge of learning spelling words for a special house team competition next week.
  • Congratulations to 5W for winning the spring term Mathletics competition!
  • There is a Key Stage 2 maths meeting to be held on 12th March at 5pm at Fairfields. At this meeting, we will show you the calculation methods we use at school.
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Mayan Day blogs

4 Ways Pupils Became Ancient Mayans

 Year 6 Mayan Day

The Ancient Mayans lived in Central America over 2000 years ago, and the empire has been explored many times. Last week, on Monday, Year 6 had an extremely, entertaining Ancient Mayans day. During the thrilling, inspiring and active day, where the pupils took part in an Ancient Mayans pok-a-tok game; fitness test; mask making and searching for ‘Chichen Itza’ on google maps.

Firstly, Tribe 2, did an exercise event. In the exercise they had: push-ups, sit-ups, running, balance, burpee’s and skipping. On each exercise, they had a 1 minute timer on and in that 1 minute, they had to as many of that exercise as possible! It was an extremely, heart-racing activity for Year 6.

After that, Tribe 2, went to make terrifying, scary-looking masks. The Mayans would make masks to scare the other side before playing the pok-a-tok game. The masks were made with paper, but they used colourful, furry feathers to make it as shoking as a ghost. The masks were unexpectedly evil-looking.

Next, they all went outside to play a game of pok-a-tok. The game was extreme, intense and fun. The pupils pushed and shoved- in a good way- like cats and dogs. After all of that, they still had a lot of fun!

Lastly, the pupils gathered up in class, and had an exciting search time of the Chichen Itza site. Luckily, Miss Cox (6C’s teacher) went to Chichen Itza last year so they had enough notes from that. After all, the Mayan day was REALLY FUN and they hope to do it again!

By: Eylul 6C


4 Ways Pupils Became Ancient Mayans

Year 6 Mayan day

A few weeks ago Fairfield’s took part in pok-a-tok and other crazy events! The Ancient Mayans lived in Central America over 2000 years ago. People have been exploring Chichen Itza, giving historians vital information about the fascinating culture.


Pok-a-tok is a game that the Mayans used to play, you would have been sacrificed either because you won or you’ve lost… When we actually played it, in the playground, we split up into three groups, the first group created masks, the second group did a fitness test and the third group played pok-a-tok in the end we had to sacrifice the winning leader!


We made terrifying masks that were supposed to scare everyone. We used feathers, PVA glue, colours and pens; at first the masks looked scary being plain! But the masks were made to intimidate and make others think that you’re the best or to think that you’re the bravest.

Fitness test

The fitness test was actually quite amusing because we did a lot of different exercises including; throwing, running and jumping it was actually really fun 

In conclusion, we had a great time and we think that year 5 will enjoy year 6 a lot…

We would recommend you to create your own Mayan Day!  

By Kimberley 6C